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Privacy policy

Items and methods of collecting personal information

The pinfo collects the following personal information at the time of initial membership to provide membership and services.

  • Nickname

If you use a social login from a third party (Google, Naver, Kakao, etc.), you will automatically sign up for the first time, and we receive and collect the following personal information from the third party.

  • Personal identification number

If you use a third-party social login, you can enter the following personal information according to the user's intention additionally during the service use process, and the entered information will be collected.

  • Nickname

The following information can be automatically generated and collected during the service use process or processing process.

  • IP addresses, service usage records, spam records, etc

Sharing and provision of collected personal information

The pinfo does not provide any personal information to third parties.

Purpose of collecting and using personal information

  1. Personal identification number: It is used to identify members, confirm duplicate subscriptions, prevent spam fraudulent use, and prevent unauthorized use.
  2. IP addresses, service usage records, spam records, etc.: Used to identify members, verify duplicate subscriptions, prevent spam fraud, and prevent unauthorized use.

Period of retention and use of personal information

  • In principle, the user's personal information is destroyed as soon as the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved. However, spam usage records (IP addresses, etc.) are kept until the site is closed.

Guidance on Personal Information Processing Policy

Related to personal information protection

The pinfo collects only basic information such as personal identification number and IP address to prevent duplicate subscription when signing up as a member, and only site operators can check it. In addition, all questions and replies can be nicknamed in some cases, and other personal information is not exposed at all. Questions and answers in pinfo are kept even to prevent illegal use and unauthorized use of spam members according to the terms and conditions of use of the site, which can only be managed by the site operator. If there is personal information (name, resident registration number, mobile phone number, etc.) in the question and answer, that part may be deleted at the request of an individual or at the discretion of the site operator. Pinfo does not use or disclose the user's personal information to the outside under any circumstances except at the request of the investigative agency in accordance with the procedures and methods prescribed by law for the purpose of investigation.

Related legislation guidance

The pinfo complies with the privacy regulations and guidelines established by the Ministry of Information and Communication under relevant laws and regulations, such as the Communication Secret Protection Act, the Telecommunication Business Act, and the Information Network Promotion and Information Protection Act.


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