I'd like to return the response code 403 on Nginx.

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403 returns, but I'm not sure how it works


conf file




Browser Screen

403 Forbiddenginx/1.12.2

Q1. Where is "403 Forbiddenginx/1.12.2" set?
·Are you calling any screen?
·Or just displaying the text dynamically??
"·Is it possible to hide ""nginx"" and ""version"" on this screen?"
n I checked nginx.conf, but there is nothing about 403

Q2. Where is "403 Forbiddenginx/1.12.2" set?
·How can I call this screen directly?
"·Currently, the flow says ""intentionally set page 403"" → ""custom page specified in error_page 403"" → ""403 Forbidden nginx/1.12.2"", but how can I call this ""403 Forbidden"" screen directly from ""403 Set Page"" instead of via custom page?"

Question Background
"·I am not particular about ""403 Forbidden"", so I would like to set it as easily as possible without specifying it for each server."
"·If Nginx itself has the function of displaying ""403 Forbidden"", I would like to use it



2022-09-30 11:01

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"What happens when a 403 error occurs?"
1) An error_page403/hoge.php; (meaning show /hoge.php when 403 errors occur) configuration causes hoge.php to run.
2) In hoge.php, http_response_code(403); displays the HTTP response of 403 ("403Forbiddingginx/1.12.2").
 The reason it appears is because the function http_response_code is created like that.

"Is it possible to hide nginx and version on this screen?"
Hoge.php determines what you want to see.If you only want to see "403 Forbidden", you can use hoge.php as follows:


2022-09-30 11:01

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