Array containing http.get results becomes undefined

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I want to put the values I got by hitting the API in the array and take them out at any time.

 const http=axios.create({
    baseURL: 'base-url',

vara = [ ]

function addArray() {
  http.get('/hoge/fuga', {data:{}}.then(response=>{
    a. push (


Some source codes are omitted, but console.log(a[0]) means undefined.

console.log(a) will look like the following, and I think I can get it with index:0 but I can't.

 [ ]
    0: 'Name'
    length —0
    __proto —Array(0)
        concat —f concat()
        It's long, so I'll skip it.

Why can't I get it?

javascript axios

2022-09-30 11:03

1 Answers

I don't think I can get it.

When you run console.log(a[0]),

    a. push (

Isn't it just that the callback has not been called and the value has not been set yet?

2022-09-30 11:03

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