I don't know how to turn off auto-exposure and auto-focus.

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Currently, I am researching visible light (Li-Fi) using camera2 API on Android Studio.
However, auto-exposure and auto-focus can get in the way when taking pictures of LEDs and retrieving data.

·Automatic exposure

Please tell me how to cut the above two.

Android Studio 3.1


android camera

2022-09-30 11:04

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The capture method in CameraCaptureSession takes CameraRequest as the argument.Yes.CameraRequest has various fields, CONTROL_AF_MODE and CONTROL_AE_MODE for autofocus and autofocus.If you set them to OFF, they will be disabled.It also offers CONTROL_MODE that allows you to configure three things together, including white balance adjustments.

createCaptureRequest in CameraDevice allows you to generate CameraRequest.Builder appropriate for each camera, so you should rewrite it to disable AF etc.

Quote Google's sample code (comments made by the citation):

val captureRequest=session.device.createCaptureRequest(
                     CameraDevice.TEMPLATE_STILL_CAPTURE).apply {addTarget(imageReader.surface)}

  // CaptureRequest.set(CONTROL_AF_MODE, OFF) and so on.

session.capture(captureRequest.build(), object: CameraCaptureSession.CaptureCallback(){

2022-09-30 11:04

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