Unable to implement tabs due to smooth scrolling implementation

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This smooth scroll is implemented on your site.
The site uses CMS, and only a part of the body can be edited.Therefore, css and javascript are written in the body.
I have decided to incorporate a tab into the content, but the smooth scrolling above interferes with it, and if I click on the tab, a smooth scrolling event will occur.
Is it possible to implement the tab by editing a smooth scroll file from within the body?If possible, I would like to use smooth scrolling except for tabs.
I look forward to your kind cooperation.


2022-09-30 11:04

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I don't have any details, so I'm expecting
I suspect that js is responding to the hash link ( ) that contains # as an implementation of smooth scrolling.

Therefore, if you implement it like a tab implementation, js will not be executed.

Or I think it can be solved by using a different smooth scroll plug-in and using a plug-in that doesn't respond to # in the tab.

2022-09-30 11:04

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