Understanding Partial Matching for Ambiguous Searches

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% value %
This is a conditional expression using LIKE that allows to retrieve partially matched records.

I am currently writing the basic processing of the search function that retrieves data from MySQL using PHP.
It's going well until I get the search results, but the display is strange

For example, if you put t1 in the search form and there is a record called test1, you will get a record called test1

The reason is that somehow I noticed that the front and back matches (%) and the back matches (%), so the letters at the beginning and the end match.
I thought...what do you think?

Here's a part of the code.

$stmt=$pdo->prepare("select*from search where word LIKE:word");

$word contains the values entered in $_POST

What I want to achieve is

Do not retrieve matching records just because you enter the first and last characters.
Match only the characters that follow

Yes, please help me

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2022-09-30 11:07

1 Answers

% matches an empty string, so %t1% matches test1.

2022-09-30 11:07

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