Commands for Generating Mini-Batch for Tensorflow Learning

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I'm trying to create a multilayer NN for tensorflow, but I've looked it up a lot, but I don't know the command to generate a mini-batch from the original data.For example
Could you tell me the command to randomly generate 100 mini-batch from data X (1000 rows, 10 columns) teacher data Y (1000 rows, 1 column)?

python tensorflow

2022-09-30 11:08

1 Answers

It can be achieved by the shuffle_batch() function.

Instructions for use are described below.

example_batch, label_batch=tf.train.shuffle_batch(
  [example, label], batch_size=batch_size, capacity=capacity,
  min_after_dequeue = min_after_dequeue)

2022-09-30 11:08

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