RaspberryPi4 Samba Transfers Unusually Slow With Large Files

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I installed Samba on Raspy 4 and configured the NTFS file system hard drive connected to Raspy as a shared folder.The client PC (Ubuntu and Mac) is connected wirelessly via the router.

The problem is that when I try to view the shared folder from the client PC through File Manager, it is slow, and there is a lag until the file name/folder name.
However, it does not mean that the connection speed is slow, nor is it slow when copying and pasting large files.
Hard drive access speed is fine on the raspy, so it does not appear to be a file system issue.
Also, transferring folders containing a large number of files using scp is sufficiently fast (although of course it's faster to zip them up in advance).
It takes nearly 10 times longer to transfer the same folder than it takes to transfer using samba and scp.

Based on the above, I think it's not a communication environment or file system issue, but a Samba configuration issue, but what is the possible cause of the abnormally slow transfer of folders containing a large number of files?

Below is the OS and Samba version information.
Samba: 4.9.5

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2022-09-30 11:11

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As for the information I found after researching, there seems to be a case where the transfer speed has improved by changing the file system used for Samba mount from NTFS to ext3 or ext4.

Slow samba transfer speed on RPi4 to a usb 3.0 drive(10,4mb/s)

If formatted my drives as NTFS and got 30 MBps transfer speeds.
Put the drives back to ext3 and I"m getting 90 MBps (for large files).
So I guide the survey says, void using NTFS if you want fast transfers and use ext3 install.

2022-09-30 11:11

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