Understanding the Use of GPIO Control Functions in the SPRESENSE SDK

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I'm trying to control GPIO with SPRESENSE SDK.

Include the following
I tried to use board_gpio_config or board_gpio_write, but
I got an error message and couldn't use it.

Do I need any special settings to use these functions?

I tried 1.3 and 1.5 versions of the SPRENSE SDK and found the same result.
I am using MSYS2MSYS in Windows 10.


# include <arch/chip/pin.h>

Description within the main function:

board_gpio_config(97,0, false, true, 0);

error messages:

 undefined reference to `board_gpio_config'
undefined reference to `board_gpio_write'

I look forward to your kind cooperation.

Thank you for your reply, y_waiwai and Fumu7.

Among the #include<arch/board/board.h> above, cxd56_gpioif.h is included.
Just in case, including additional cxd56_gpioif.h did not improve.

The spelling of the function name seems to be correct.

In order to use these functions, is the above include not sufficient, and does it require any configuration for Config, Lib, etc.?

spresense gpio

2022-09-30 11:11

2 Answers

The error board_gpio_config and board_gpio_write are not defined.
Why don't you look in the header file where these functions are defined?

2022-09-30 11:11

Spresense SDK Library page https://developer.sony.com/develop/spresense/developer-tools/api-reference/api-references-spresense-sdk/group__gpioif.html#ga1844b81ca3136ecb8c4a3d4bb3f36677
Looking at , the board_gpio_config and board_gpio_write appear to be written in cxd56_gpioif.h.


You might want to add the line to the end of the include.
(I don't have SPRESENSE, so I haven't been able to confirm it.)

2022-09-30 11:11

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