Learn how to extract strings using SwiftyJSON.

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Using Xcode 7.0
We are developing under Swift 2.0 environment.

Example JSON data:

    {"Name": "Yoshiro", "sex": "Man", 
    {"Name": "Fune", "sex": "Woman", 
    {"Name": "Kojiro", "sex": "Man"}

From this JSON data

 ["Yoshiro", "Fune", "Kojiro"]

I would like to create an array of .

My code (partial omitted)....

var delaylineArray: String!=[]


let json = JSON (data:data!)

    iflet line=json[0]["Name"].string{
    } else{


I thought about taking it out like this, but
If you print delayLineArray,

["Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro", "Yoshiro

The array will look like this.

I don't know how to access objects that contain funes and complications, so
I would appreciate it if you could let me know.

swift json

2022-09-30 11:12

1 Answers

Only the first elements will be arranged.

    iflet line=json[0]["Name"].string{

This is because you always get the first element as json[0].

Loop JSON one at a time, or

 for (index, subJson): (String, JSON) in json {
    iflet line=json["Name"].string{

If you know that the outermost element is an array, you can simply write using map.

let delaylineArray=json.arrayValue.map {$0["Name".stringValue}

2022-09-30 11:12

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