I don't know how to use the Wikitude SDK for Cordova.

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I would like to develop an AR program in monaca using the Wikitude SDK for Cordova.
I'm still a beginner in everything, so my first goal is to run the Wikipedia sample program.  I downloaded the GitHub (https://github.com/Wikitude/wikitude-cordova-plugin-samples) Zip file and tried to import the project in Monaca, but I got the following error message and I can't import it.
Internal Server Error (500)
Neither project_info.json nor config.xml was found.Maybe an old project?

I think it's a rudimentary mistake, but could you tell me the mistake?


2022-09-30 11:12

2 Answers

Are you trying to import a sample application for reference?
However, the sample application is only a Cordova project.
monaca uses the Cordova framework, but
Project files are similar and different.

Therefore, we are unable to import the sample project you are referring to.

Create your own empty project file and
Download and import Wikipedia's CordovaPlugin.

Calling instructions are written in the document, but
We cannot deploy the sample to monaca.

2022-09-30 11:12

This is a project I just created.


However, since it is a plug-in, I need more than a gold plan.

2022-09-30 11:12

If you have any answers or tips

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