Developing Spreadsheets with Handson Table

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We use HandsonTable to develop spreadsheets.
As for the source, the alert part below is for checking, and I'm actually trying to send it to the server by ajax.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="ja">
  <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/handsontable.full.css">
  <script src="js/handsontable.full.js">/script>
    var logs = $('#logs'),
    gridContainer= document.getElementById('grid'),
    selectedRow = 0,
    selectedCol = 0,
    gridTable = new Handsontable(gridContainer, {
        data —getData(),
        rowHeaders: true,
                for (vari=0; i<changes.length;i++) {
                    var rowChange=changes[i];
    $(document).on('click', '#btn-consoledata', function(e){
        var statdata=gridTable.getData();
    return [
        ['A', 'B', 'C',]
    <div><button id="btn-consoledata">OK</button></div>

Run this source as follows:
①Display Screen
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②Modify Data
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③Press OK to display alerts
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As mentioned above, I have been able to retrieve the change data, but
The data format is csv and the number of columns is unknown.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me how to get the number of columns or how to get the data in an array.
Thank you for your cooperation.

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2022-09-30 11:13

1 Answers

Does getData() return a two-dimensional array?alert(statdata[0]); will only display the first line.
I feel like alert is just displaying a two-dimensional array as CSV.

  • There are methods called countRows() and countCols() to get rows and columns, which are useful.
  • If you want to retrieve data simply, you can retrieve it anywhere by using the above functions and getDataAtCell(row,col).
  • You can also use
  • or getDataAtCol(col) and getDataAtRow(row) to retrieve a row (one line).

2022-09-30 11:13

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