How to find the core of the polyline

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IJCAD 2018 STD Standalone is developing customization commands.

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Is it impossible to get the position of the center of the polyline from the properties or from the mass properties?
Object snaps can tell you what to do, so I hope there's a way to get them.The area has been obtained, but the core cannot be obtained, so I have deployed it to Line and Arc and asked for it, but it takes a few seconds to process.
That's all.

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2022-09-30 11:14

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You can convert a polyline to a region and use the AreaProperties method to obtain values such as illustrations, but apparently the above method is not implemented in the Regin class of IJCAD.
Alternatively, you can use the GetObjectSnapPoints method to obtain coordinates when they are snapped in the image.
However, the .NET API ObjectSnapModes enumeration does not have a value equivalent to the ARX AcDb::kOsModeCentroid, so


You must use the method as shown in .

2022-09-30 11:14

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