I want to know grammar names like process([command]){read}

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While reading Ruby's Redis client source code (redis 4.0.1),
to a file named

def call (command)
      raise reply if reply.is_a? (CommandError)

It says


When I close this [] I want to google the grammar name of {}, but I don't know what word to google, so please let me know if anyone knows.

Note: June 27, 2020
This was helpful.

ruby redis

2022-09-30 11:15

1 Answers

It is difficult to google symbols, so in the case of Ruby, you can find the meaning by looking at the "Meaning of symbols used in Ruby" page of the reference manual.

If you want to google as an English word, would words like brackets, braces, curly braces, parents, etc. be appropriate?

2022-09-30 11:15

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