Sublime Text does not open when typing subl test at the terminal

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I want to open Sublime Text by typing subl test and terminal, but I can't open it because PATH doesn't work.
Please let me know the possible causes and things I should look into.

The subl cannot be opened because PATH is not passing, so I tried executing the code that PATH was introduced to pass by referring to This HP, but it didn't work.

M1 Mac

●Sublime is under Applications

nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook - Air Sublime

There is also a subl in ●bin

nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook-Air Sublime
Nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook - Airbin%ls

●This is my PATH


There was a folder called ●/usr/local/bin

nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook-Airbin%cd/usr/local/bin
Nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook - Airbin%pwd

There was no folder called ●/Users/nakamotookenta/.pyenv/bin (I think this is the reason)

nakamotookenta @nakamotookentanoMacBook-Airbin%cd/Users/nakamotookenta/.pyenv/bin
cd: no such file or directory: /Users/nakamotookenta/.pyenv/bin

After changing the code in the course, /usr/local/bin, and doing this

 ln:/Users/nakamotookenta/.pyenv/bin.—File exists

The file says it exists

zsh:command not found:subl

This is what I saw when I typed subl test


If you type in the code in the course,

ln:/usr/local/bin/./subl:permission denied

Access Denied

zsh:command not found:subl

This is what I saw when I typed subl test


2022-09-30 11:15

2 Answers

$sudo town-R$(whoami)/usr/local/bin

was resolved by running and changing the owner in the folder to himself.
Thank you for your reply, Cubick and Hata.

I overlooked the additions to this site

2022-09-30 11:15

Create a symbolic link by doing the following, and then try running subl again.


2022-09-30 11:15

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