How to Rename a TortoiseSVN Command Line

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I'm trying to rename the file extensions uniformly using TortoiseProc in TortoiseSVN, but I don't know the option to specify the file name after the renaming.In the example below, we are trying to commit test.txt by renaming it as test.bat.

D:\test_repo>TortoiseProc/command:rename/path:D:\test_repo\test.txt test.bat/noquestion  

Appendix D TortoiseSVN Automation, but how do I handle it without displaying a dialog to enter a new name?Please let me know.

Renames the file specified in /path.A dialog appears asking for a new name for this file.Specify /noquestion to prevent verification when renaming similar files at once.


2022-09-30 11:19

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I can't do it with TortoiseProc.exe.It was possible by using svn.exe as an alternative.
Thank you for your reply.


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2022-09-30 11:19

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