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Thank you for your help.
I have a question regarding the title and how to use it.

I was looking at the CSS reference book the other day, and
I learned how to replace text with images using the code below.

There were other similar articles besides reference books, so
I think it's a standard technique.

text-indent: 100%;
overflow — hidden;

However, until now, the image has not been inserted
I used img tags in background-image, html, etc. I don't know what the advantages of the above are (in which case should I use it)?
If anyone knows, could you please let me know?

I look forward to your kind cooperation.

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2022-09-30 11:19

1 Answers

By stocking the image in the background,
in the CSS —Changes in hover (mouse-on) can only be described in the CSS.
hNow that html5 is recommended, the same behavior can be achieved by stocking several imgs in the a tag

Also, in the past,
when retrieving information through a search engine
Because the image is not recognized for alt. It seems that this kind of processing was often done in image text.

It's like a custom of the past.
Now it's either image alt acquisition or css extension
It has been improved and you don't have to force such coding.

2022-09-30 11:19

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