Programs created on are terminated.

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Development Language:
Development Environment: Visual Studio 2017
Program description: All file information is registered in a DB below a designated directory.
File Information: File Name, File Path, Size, Date and Time of Update, Date and Time of Registration, Contents
How to retrieve the contents of the file: Using a text converter.(xdoc2txt)

We have verified that the functionality as a program is working properly.
For each operation, log output is provided if an exception occurs.
However, the application may be terminated suddenly, and the log output will not be displayed.
When I checked in the Windows Event Viewer, I found that the following exception codes were occurring:

Exception code: 0xc0000409

I looked it up and tried disabling WindowsDefender, but the results didn't change.
Please let me know if anyone knows.

[Additional note]
I am writing to inform you that progress has been made.
It will be terminated for certain files.
I also found that the ExtractText on xdoc2txt was forced to terminate.
I understand that there is a cause of the file, but I can't see the source of ExtractText, so I can't escape the forced termination.
Please let me know if anyone knows.


2022-09-30 11:21

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STATUS_STACK_BUFFER_OVERRUN has a value of 0xC0000409.In other words, a buffer overrun could have destroyed the stack.The stack is also used to call and return functions, so if they are destroyed, the function calls will not be trusted at all and it will be difficult to continue running the program.Therefore, the process may be stopped and the event log may be logged.

If the postscript is correct, it is probably due to the ExtractText of xdoc2txt.xdoc2txt It would be best to report to the author and have it corrected.

2022-09-30 11:21

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