Is the file name with multiple dots common?

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When I read sources on github, I sometimes see file names with multiple dots, such as foo.class.php and fuga.min.css, but is this a common way to write?Please let me know if there are any advantages or dangers of this writing.

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2022-09-30 11:21

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I think it's common.
Historically, in the 1990s, UNIX file systems supported multiple dots in file names, and so did Linux file systems, which are derived (?).I remember that Windows also supported the FAT32 file system.(from about 1998)

# I am not sure about HDFS, but I am currently supporting it.

I think it depends on how people use it, but I often see it used as a character that separates words in the name.(Examples of questions separate "foo" and "class")

It's not a special benefit, but it can be used anywhere in Windows, MacOS, or Linux, so it's convenient to separate words in the file name.
I don't think there's any particular risk.

2022-09-30 11:21

. is just one of the symbols that make up the filename, just like alphanumeric characters, so there is no specific rule that .

Though slightly different from the example in the questionnaire, Linux also commonly uses double extensions such as .tar.gz.

Naming the end of a file with the so-called extension *.txt was originally just "to make it easier to determine the type of file," but only Windows has the meaning of associating the program.

2022-09-30 11:21

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