Indentation error in while statement

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python version 2.7.10

When I was trying to draw a set of mandelobro, I was creating the following program.

File "", line 33
IndentationError—unindent does not match any outer indication level

The error will be printed.
I can't find out what's wrong with it even when I look it up.
Are you missing something simple?

class Mandel (object):
    def mandelblot(self,c,K,LOOPMAX):
        # return the number of loops that have been diverted to
        List = [ ]
        n = 0
        z = 0.0 + (0.0 * 1j)
        while(n<LOOPMAX and abs(z)<K)US>:
                equal1 = List[0] - List[4]
                event2 = List[0] - List[3]
                if(abs(val1)<10e-5 or abs(val2)<10e-5):
            n + = 1
        return n


2022-09-30 11:21

2 Answers

Check again to see if there is a mix of tab and space characters. When running Python interpreter, you can easily detect this type of error by specifying the -t or -tt options.

Also, we recommend using a text editor that allows you to visually distinguish tabs/spaces.

For your information, PEP-8 recommends using the space, which defines the coding conventions for Python standard libraries.If you are not particular about it, you should follow PEP-8.

2022-09-30 11:21

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