How to Mount SD Card in Linux (CentOS)

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As a Linux learning environment, I put VirtualBox 6.1 (CentOS 7) on my Windows 10 computer and #YoctoLinuxWind_River_Linux
I'm doing experiments around here.

Of these,

Delete unnecessary files and add configuration files

Regarding ,

Meaning "~"
Does the word "~" have any special meaning?

sudo mount-t vfat/dev/sdX1/mnt
There is one, but my virtual machine does not have folder:sdX1.What should I do to make this?

Thank you for your cooperation.

linux centos virtualbox

2022-09-30 11:23

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through are aliases for ホームhome directory の.When the home directory is /home/john, through are /home/john and mkdir to/broadcom have the same meaning as mkdir/home/john/broadcom.You should be able to do mkdir because an ordinary user should have arbitrary privileges below the home directory.

/dev Some device files below are not limited to /dev/sdX1 and are automatically generated or deleted at PnP timing.Therefore, if the SDcard is not inserted, it will not exist.The host-side physical device is not visible to the virtual machine unless allowed, so the procedure is

  • Insert SDcard into host machine
  • Allow SDcard to be visible to virtual machines in VirtualBox settings
  • Maybe I need to add Guest Addition to the client side CentOS of VirtualBox

PnP insertion may have a different device filename than /dev/sdX, so check that out.

2022-09-30 11:23

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