Toolbar Icon Does Not Display Properly in Jupiter Lab

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Python-m venv venv created a virtual environment, installed and opened the jupyter lab, and
Various icons do not appear as shown in the image.

If anyone knows the cause or solution of this problem, could you please advise me?

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The environment and versions are as follows:

▼ OS
Windows 10

▼ Python version Python 3.9.0

▼jupyter-related version

▼ Full path to virtual environment

(Now activate the virtual environment in venv\Scripts\activate and
 After installing the jupyter lab with pip install, I started the jupyter lab.)


2022-09-30 11:27

1 Answers

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The reason why the icon did not appear in the Jupiter Lab is
This was caused by a misstatement when installing the Jupiter Lab at the command prompt.
Wrong description: pip install jupyter lab
Correct description: pip install jupyterlab

By making the correct statement above, Jupiter Lab was successfully installed and
When I started Jupiter Lab, the icon also appeared successfully.

2022-09-30 11:27

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