How does VBA connect to MySQL installed in Bitnami Redmine?

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I installed Redmine from Bitnami.

I want to use Redmine data in Excel, so I want to use VBA to connect to MySQL to get data, but I don't know how to connect.

I am thinking of connecting with MySQL ODBC from VBA, but should I put an IP address in the ODBC SERVER?I tried http://XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, but an error occurred.

I have confirmed that Redmine and phpMyAdmin can be connected from the IP address of the server.

MySQL (Redmine) uses Linux and is installed in CentOS on Google Cloud.

Please let me know if anyone knows.Thank you for your cooperation.

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2022-09-30 11:28

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I understand that you are installing redmine from bitnami, but I think it can be separated from the operating system you are running and the form of installation (direct operation on the local host, operation with guest OS on the local host ← OVA, etc.).

ODBC is not because it is not an http protocol connection.
Also, the ODBC connection requires mysql account information, so let's check it first.


This file should contain the necessary information.
For your information, the following was written in my environment.Use this to connect to ODBC.

  adapter —mysql2
  database —bitnami_redmine
  host —localhost
  username —bitnami
  password: xxxxxxxx (secret)

Please be aware of the host.Apparently, the Mysqlserver in this environment is
from localhost The connection could not be made outside of localhost, either because it only accepts access or because it is blocked by a firewall.Therefore, connecting from another host may be a bit of a hurdle in the future.

For verification purposes, we are trying to import the OVA provided by bitnami into VirtualBox.
By the way, the following commands were able to connect on the guest without any problems.

>mysql-ubitnami-h localhost-D bitnami_redmine-p

I'm sorry that I couldn't log in detail because bitnami doesn't have an integrated desktop environment. (I can't copy commands.)

2022-09-30 11:28

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