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using google maps android apiv2 and google play services_lib
I exported an application to display Google Maps, but when I imported it,
Google play services_lib could no longer be referenced.

I'm thinking of exporting a similar app again and importing it on another computer.
How can I use it without making any errors after moving it?

Google play services_lib had an error after configuring the path, but it seemed okay after restarting Eclipse.Thank you.

However, there seems to be something called snippet in the src.I don't think there was an error, but can I erase it?

android eclipse google-maps google-play-service

2022-09-30 11:28

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Google Maps Android API v2 is provided as part of Google Play Services.

This is to increase the version of the Google Play Services library only to access new features without updating the Android SDK itself, such as when Google Maps has increased functionality.

It used to be used by jar but is now offered as a library project.

Reference and update methods to library projects are described in Managing Projects from Eclipse with ADT.

When I reimported it, the reason why it is no longer referenced is because the relative path specifies the path from the app project to the Google Play Services library project, so it should be fine if it is corrected to the correct path.

To view on a new PC, you must first import the Google Play Services library project into Eclipse as you did when you first created the project.

2022-09-30 11:28

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