How to Suspend Paypal Periodic Payment Errors Immediately

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If the payment fails, the payment will usually be made again next time, but I would like to change the status to Suspended after the first failure.

If you set the CreateRecurringPaymentsProfile parameter [MAXFAILEDPAYMENTS] to "0",
Is the status automatically changed to Suspended due to the first payment failure?

"Also, will the timing of the change to ""Suspended"" be changed to real time when the payment fails?"


2022-09-30 11:29

1 Answers

MAXFAILEDPAYMENTS is 0 by default, which is a setting that does not become suspended even if periodic payments fail.

If you want suspended after one failure, set this value to 1.
This status changes to real time.

Please note that
If the interval is weekly, half-moon, or monthly, it is automatically retried up to 2 times every 5 days (three times including the first time).
There is no stopping setting for this retry, so for periodic payments with intervals other than days,
You can try up to 3 payments.

For MAXFAILEDPAYMENTS=1, up to this 3 times,
In the case of 2, 3x2 = 6 times (but 3 times in the second half is the timing of the next regular payment).

2022-09-30 11:29

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