Is it possible to supply power from the Spresense expansion board to external equipment?

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Is it possible to supply power from the PC to the external device from the MicroUSB terminal of the Spresense expansion board while supplying power to the Spresense itself?
The external device is a MiniUSB-TypeB female, so I connected it using a USBA female→miniB male conversion cable, but the external device does not respond (does not start).

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2022-09-30 11:35

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As far as the Expand board schematic is concerned, the expansion board has a normal micro-B connector.In other words, it can only pass power in the "External Power Supply → Expansion Board" direction, and it's actually the same when you read the circuit diagram.This means that SP expansion board → power cannot be transferred to other equipment (which was originally written as external equipment, but probably equipment).

If you want to remove power from the SP expansion board, you can use JP1 I/O Power SW JP or JP3 Power I/F (consider current values carefully)

2022-09-30 11:35

When I use a sensor that requires a large current, I use the following two-way cable to power the sensor and the sensor.

For your information.

UGREEN Micro USB 2-way cable 2.4A output support (

2022-09-30 11:35

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