Changing the Conventions of the Action Menu

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In Android Studio, how do I change the option menu (the vertical one with ...) to "settings" or text notation instead of ...?

<menu xmlns:android=""
  android: id="@+id/Setting"
  android: title="@string/Setting"
     android: id="@+id/id1"
     android: title="@string/Setting1"/>
     android: id="@+id/id2"
     android: title="@string/Setting2"/>
     android: id="@+id/id3"
     android: title="@string/Setting3"/>

I was able to nest like this, but...→Settings→Each item has one more tier.
Originally, I want to set → each item.


2022-09-30 11:37

1 Answers

Wouldn't it be possible to set app:showAsAction="ifRoom" to app:showAsAction="always" to solve this problem?

2022-09-30 11:37

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