I want a list of macOS versions that can launch xcode.

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After updating Mac OS to 12.1, xcode 12.5.1 stopped booting.
"Officially, ""Xcode 12.5.1 requires MacOS 11 or later"" is written only."
Xcode 12.5.1requires a Macrunning macOS Big Sur11 or later

How long will the old xcode boot on a particular MacOS?Please tell me how to check in advance.

If you share one of the tools you currently understand, you will find the following xcode build time benchmark results site:
There is one record of Xcode 12.5 being tested on Mac OS 12.0.1 on this site, so Mac OS 12.0 was able to boot, but now it starts playing from 12.1.I can guess that
This is not the way it should be used, so I am looking for another way.

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2022-09-30 11:38

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You can check the Xcode release notes.


For example, 12.5.1 is as follows:

Xcode 12.5.1 Release Notes

Xcode 12.5.1 requirements a Mac running macOS Big Sur 11 or later.

2022-09-30 11:38

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