I want to macro or LISP quick selection in IJCAD

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In the quick selection of the IJCAD, the dimensions inputted to the "priority of dimension values" of the dimensions are extracted and selected, and the color or layer is changed to visualize the dimensions that are not on-scale.
You can do it with quick selection, but you want to macro or LISP it.

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2022-09-30 11:39

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You can use LISP to achieve the desired behavior.
Here is an example:

·How to do it

I made this code as a trial.
The color of the dimension entered in "Priority of Dimension Values" has been changed to red.
Please refer to it

 (defunc:MYSAMPLE (/ss ObjNum Cnt Obj dimension priority)
(setqss(ssget "A"'((0. "DIMENSION"))))
(setq Cnt0)
(setqObj(ssnames Cnt))
(setq dimension (entgetObj))
(setq priority (cdr(assoc1 dimension)))
(if(=priority"")(ssdel Objss)(setq Cnt(1+Cnt)))
(command "change"ss" "p" "c" "1"")

IJLSPDEV.CHM in IJCAD_2022_DEV_CHM.zip at the following URL has a reference for LISP.

2022-09-30 11:39

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