I don't know how to use tt-code in Han Naoki win [Closed]

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I use Han Naoki Win in Windows 7.
Among them is tt.tbl, which allows you to use tt-code.

What will happen to the keystroke of a, for example?

For right table prefixes and left table prefixes,
It's not coming out.

Key typing with fj at the top and key typing with jf at the top
I think there are other prefixes besides
I don't know how to specify keystrokes.

As for a, ▽ appears in the Han cable window and Q is
after 3. It says to type.

However, the first prefix of ▽ is
I don't know.

Thank you for your cooperation.


2022-09-30 11:39

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I am using Han Naoto Win (1.28) in Windows 7.I usually use a different Chinese character, so I'm not sure about TT-code, but I'll answer as far as I can understand.

In conclusion, or marks do not appear when you type fj in the right table prefix or jf in the left table prefix.

This line in tt.tbl

#define prefix /▲/26,23/▲○/▲/:/▽/23,26/▽○/▽/

The same is quoted in the documentation attached to Hanji Win, which explains "Character Help Display Specification in Prefix-Enhanced Input Method", so it is a setting for the help displayed in Hanji window or in 44 or 45.

Similar to fj and jf, you must create a two-tier child block within the two-tier parent block bounded by { and in tt.tbl (each key is getting deeper).

You can learn how to create a child block by opening tt.tbl in the editor and searching fh and fk for love and treasure between love and treasure characters.

In the same way, you can find an uncharacterized space somewhere in the parent block and create a child block of the same structure (replace the grandchild block enclosed by { and } with " characters).

I may have missed the point of your question, but this is all I know so far.

(Annexed comment that this is not a programming question)

I joined this site to answer some questions that might not be easy to answer.Certainly, this is a question about how to use the software called "Hanjou Win", so it doesn't seem appropriate for this occasion.If I have the same questions on other sites, I will answer them.

2022-09-30 11:39

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