Customizing output destinations and contents such as javascript generated by scaffold

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How do I customize the javascript and stylesheet output destinations, file names, and contents?

I would like to change the output destination as follows.


app/javascript/packs/items/[index show new edit].js


app/javascript/app-style/items/[index show new edit].sass


2022-09-30 11:39

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Changing the contents of a file is simple.

 rails app:templates:copy
(rake rails:templates:copy for Rails 5 and earlier)

This will copy the template file to lib/templates, so please edit it.

It is a little difficult to rewrite the output destination.You must customize the behavior of the generator.There's a mechanism in place, but it's a little hard to explain the steps from scratch, so see Rails guide.

There are two possible policies.

  • Replace the generator itself
  • Once the original generator has been moved, the generator that copies, moves, and rewrites files

2022-09-30 11:39

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