Regarding the update of existing iPhone applications being delivered (new standard for App Store on February 1)

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Thank you for your continuous support.
There is no detailed information on the web, so I will write it to those who understand it.

Regarding the application for renewal of the existing iPhone app being distributed,
After February 1st, it was announced that new application applications that do not meet the new standard (not supporting 64bit) will be rejected. Is it still okay to apply for renewal of the existing application after February even if it is 32 bits?

*On the web, it is written that 32bit is fine for applications to be updated until June 1st for the application being distributed.
  If both do not meet the new standards, the information may be mixed up.

This is because the other party has requested the renovation of the iPhone app that is currently being distributed.
It does not meet the criteria because it is built with Cordova 2.9 in monaca. As it may take time to respond to the new standards and may not meet the deadline,
I'm worried about how to respond.

If you understand, please take care of me.

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2022-09-30 11:40

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It is difficult to provide a definitive answer, but at the moment, I would like to summarize the information from the Apple and Cordova formulas.

Take a look at the official Cordova page below.According to the official information below, the minimum version including Cordova's 64-bit support is Cordova 3.4.1.According to the official page below, Cordova 2.9 does not support the 64-bit support required by the App Store, so the newly submitted application should be rejected.

The first version of Cordova to include 64-bit for iOS is 3.4.1.Therefore, to meet
These requirements of the Apple App Store, you should be using at least version 3.4.1
of Cordova before this February deadline.


If you follow Apple's official news, it seems that the deadline for updating the app will be fine until June 1, 2015.However, I think it would be better to get out of the Cordova 2.9 series as soon as possible.

December 17, 2014 As announced in October, starting on February 1, 2015 new iOS apps submitted to the App Store must include 64-bit support and be built with the iOS
8 SDK.Beginning June 1, 2015 app updates will be needed to follow the same
requirements.To enable 64-bit in your project, we recommend using the default Xcode
build setting of "Standard architectures" to build a single binary with both 32-bit
and 64-bit code.


2022-09-30 11:40

Members of the paid membership fee will receive a definite announcement email dated December 8th.

Starting December 1st, the new App must be 64-bit capable and built with SDK iOS 8.0 or later.
2 Existing App updates will be subject to the same conditions starting June 1.

2022-09-30 11:40

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