Unable to get dmg from wget on server

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You cannot scp dmg to the server you manage and download it from wget.
Specifically, the following error will be displayed:

%wget https://◯◯ //◯ ..app
-- 2017-03-1503:03:18 -- https://◯◯ //◯ ..app
HTTP connection request sent, waiting for response...403Forbiden
2017-03-1503:03:19 Error 403: Forbidden.

I thought it was a permission problem, but the permission of this file was 777.
I can't find a solution even if I look into it.I look forward to your kind cooperation.


2022-09-30 11:41

1 Answers

Limited to HTTPS

Add the --secure-protocol=auto option.

You can use the --secure-protocol=<protocol> command to exchange files using the HTTPS protocol.In GNU Wget 1.18 <protocol>

  • auto:automatically specified
  • SSLv2,SSLv3,TLSv1,TLSv1_1,TLSv1_2—Use each protocol (for older servers)
  • PFS:TLS with Perfect Forward Security cipher suite

can be specified, but basically --secure-protocol=auto should work.For more information, see the GNU Wget documentation.Although there are other options available in this document to address HTTPS's detailed circumstances, this answer is omitted (see the URL provided for reference).

Also, this time it should be fine, but wget compiled without SSL support does not support these options.In that case, you need to compile it yourself.

If the server is restricting the request

wget may also produce 403 Forbidden even if the server has some restrictions at the HTTP level.For example, typically played by the User-Agent (the default User-Agent for GNU Wget is Wget/VERSION).In this case, you must configure them one by one.

Add options such as --user-agent="Mozilla/5.0" while referring to wget --help and manwget.Other possible User-Agent examples include referrals and media types: --referer or --header.It may also be access-controlled, such as robots.txt or HTML meta tags.See the linked GNU Wget documentation.

If the server is managed by you, I think you can change the settings of the server by looking at the server log and wget according to the settings.

2022-09-30 11:41

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