If you try to get the float type by dividing it, you get 1.0.

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I am using TouchImageView on Android.
I'd like to calculate the zoom value on the large/small side of the image.

when outputting in code width770 height1035
The 1035/770 is now 1.0.

@ Override
public boolean onSingleTapConfirmed (MotionEvent) {
    return true;

@ Override
public boolean onDoubleTap (MotionEvent) {
    int width=contentImage.getDrawable().getIntrinsicWidth();
    System.out.println("width" + width);
    System.out.println("height" + height);
    int max = Math.max (width, height);
    int min = Math.min (width, height);
    float zoom=max/min;
    return false;

@ Override
public boolean onDoubleTapEvent (MotionEvent) {
    return true;


2022-09-30 11:42

1 Answers

Because the variables max and min are of type int, I think max/min is interpreted as an integer (compiler) and the result is an integer (int).

I think max and min should be of the float type.

2022-09-30 11:42

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