I encoded the Korean mail form as base64, but I would like to receive the confirmation mail in the language I entered (Korean).

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Instead of a full scratch, we originally modified the Japanese email form to create a Korean email form.

$MAIL_SUBJECT='Automatic Mail Title';
$FH = fopen('Email to send model .mail', "r");
fclose ($FH);
// ----- contents of the email
$MAIL_MESS = str_replace("[st_date]", $in[st_date], $MAIL_MESS);
// ----- encoding specification

// $MAIL_SUBJECT=JcodeConvert($MAIL_SUBJECT,0,3);
$sender_name = 'Sender name displayed in mailer';
    $val = "Not send mail";
    setcookie("inb_err_msg[email]", "$val", 0, "/");

By encoding base64, I can receive mail without garbled characters.
The text (of course) is base64 encoded.
I would like to receive it in the language I entered (Korean), but what kind of description do I need?

php mail

2022-09-30 11:43

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in the email header

and .This will allow the mailer to decode base64 and display it on the screen.
Note: How Japanese Mail Works|SendGrid Blog

mb_send_mail() specifies the mail header as the fourth argument (additional_headers), but
You may not need to specify base64_encode or Content-Transfer-Encoding yourself because it says mb_language("uni").

You may find out if you could provide a wider range of program codes, the PHP version, and the header part of the email you actually received with this code.

2022-09-30 11:43

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