I want to mark the photo selected in Muti_Image_Picker as "Selected"

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I would like to use Multi_Image_Picker in Flutter to select two photos, and then when I open the Photo Library again to select another photo, I would like to mark it as "Selected" so that I can see the previously selected photo.What kind of code do you need?
Thank you for your help.

My code is as follows.

resultList=wait MultiImagePicker.pickImages(
    maxImages: 2,
    enableCamera: true,
    cupertinoOptions: CupertinoOptions(
      selectionFillColor: "#ff11ab",
      selectionTextColor: "#ffffff",


2022-09-30 11:44

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Could you tell me the version of Multi_Image_Picker, but from the official page, Multi_Image_Picker is no longer supported.
The following packages were recommended for the official page:

I think it will not be difficult to realize the function you are asking.
I won't give you a specific code, but only the way of thinking

That's it

2022-09-30 11:44

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