Install the latest Google-api-objectivec-client with Cocoapods

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I would like to install the Google-api-objectivec-client below with Cocoapods.

Cocoapods install 1.0.422 (Rev422).

We are currently looking for a way to install the latest Rev446.

In github, if you add:head, it will be the latest commit, but
I'm having trouble finding a way with svn.


platform:ios, '7.1'

pod 'google-api-objectivec-client',:head

xcode 6.3
cocoapods 0.37.2

ios objective-c cocoapods

2022-09-30 11:44

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I think it's easy to write your own Podspec that references the latest revision and install it using it.

Below is probably the minimum installable Podspec.As I looked at the link above, there were more descriptions of the original Podspec, so I probably need to write more. do|s| "Google-API-Client"

  s.source={svn:'', revision:'446'}
  s.dependency 'gtm-http-fetcher', '~>1.0.141'
  s. dependency 'gtm-oauth2', '~>1.0.125'


From the Podfile side, use it as follows:

 pod 'Google-API-Client', :podspec=>'./Google-API-Client.podspec'

This example shows that Podfile and Google-API-Client.podspec are in the same directory.Some people manage it using Gist, and you can use source to specify a custom Spec repository, so you can use it.

2022-09-30 11:44

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