Can monaca display tooltips on InAppBrowser?

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Is it impossible to display the regular onsen-ui toolbar and tooltip with cordova's InAppBrowser?

Close the page.You can only see very simple menus, such as going back to the previous page, and you cannot customize the UI.

Is this a specification?Can I use the onsenUI parts somehow?

I'm in a lot of trouble.Thank you for your cooperation.


2022-09-30 11:49

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The same answer was old forum, so I will answer.
InAppBrowser actually launches a different WebView than WebView, which embeds HTML, so it cannot be managed.
If you try to manage this, you will need to create and manage your own Cordova plug-in, as described later.
Below is a quote from link #4.

The way I can come up with it is
1. Expand iframe across HTML
2. Acquire linked sources with Ajax and dynamically add them to HTML
(I can only use the pages I manage, but...)…)
3. Create a Cordova plug-in and embed it in the HTML portion of OnsenUI
(Create a simple WebView and reflect it on DIV?)
The level of difficulty is in the order of numbers.
First, if you try to browse freely, you'll be in danger. You can either give the sandbox attribute or use it only on the pages you manage.
The second specification is only for the pages you manage.
I don't know how to use OnsenUI, but
In general, after obtaining HTML, I think that the script in the will be obtained and reflected in the ons-page.
The third one may be made by someone, but
If you don't have it, you have to make it.
OnsenUI cannot be displayed in InAppBrowser
Reflects header footers that do not have toolbars or tabbars
I think it's possible to stock OnsenUI on the server side...

2022-09-30 11:49

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