Heroku deployment of Rails + Angular + Grunt

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I've been studying Rails for half a year, but
Refer to this article (http://qiita.com/hkusu/items/b34f684b49751d9c9abd) and
I am thinking of developing an API server with Rails and a front end with AngularJS and automating it with Grunt. Can Heroku deploy web apps using Rails and Grunt?

Also, if it seems difficult to deploy with Heroku, what is the easy way to deploy?

I am sorry to trouble you, but could you please let me know?

Thank you for your cooperation.

ruby-on-rails angularjs heroku

2022-09-30 11:52

1 Answers

As far as the following article goes, it seems possible to deploy web apps using Rails and Grunt to Heroku.

2022-09-30 11:52

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