I want to use in-app billing items in my developer account.

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I use Play Billing Library 1.0 on Android.
I found out by using the sample TrivialDrive_v2,
Developer accounts (Developer Center accounts) cannot be purchased.
As long as there is a concept of consumption, it can't be helped.
If you install an application that you developed and published in the Play store from the Play store,
I can't buy the Premium features that TrivialDrive_v2, so I don't think I can use the full features.
Is there a way to identify the developer (owner) in the Play Billing Library and modify it so that isPremiumPurchased() returns true in TrivialDrive_v2?

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2022-09-30 11:53

2 Answers

When I asked a similar question to the English version of stackoverflow,
1. Publish full-featured apps as alpha versions without in-app charges, and use them by yourself.
2. Use the Play License Verification Library to obtain a userID and implement functions similar to in-app billing.
I received a reply saying that
When I contacted Google Play Console chat support, I registered a new account on my device and installed it with that account to make in-app purchases.I got a reply that
All of them are troublesome or difficult to implement, but the point is that my daily account should be different from my developer console account, and I found that my developer account could transfer all apps to another account and continue publishing them.

2022-09-30 11:53

If you look at the help, it says, "To test in-app billing, you need to publish the app as an alpha or beta version."

Testing In-App Billing|Android Developers

2022-09-30 11:53

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