Understanding Warning Messages in the Brew Doctor After Homebrew Installation

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I'm installing PHP, Apache, MySQL on my Mac (Sierra) on Homebrew, but I'm a beginner, so I'd like you to tell me in an easy-to-understand way.

First, http://vdeep.net/intr-homebrew
xCode was already installed, so

I installed Homebrew.
(homebrew 1.2.1)

Q1)$brew doctor

You can send the following warning message, but is it safe to ignore it?Or, if there is a problem, please let me know how to solve it.
"Warning: Some frameworks can be picked up by CMake's build system and likely
cause the build to fail.To compile CMake, you may wish to move these
out of the way:

homebrew cmake

2022-09-30 11:56

1 Answers

It's not an error, it's a warning, so if there's no problem, you can ignore it.
Incidentally, the warning means "Installing a program to be built using a tool called CMake may use a different library (link), so in such cases, temporarily move the problem framework (/Library/Frameworks/libcurl.framework) to a different folder."
If you don't understand the meaning, I suggest you ask again when you have a problem.

2022-09-30 11:56

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