I'd like to use Google Maps api to set up a transit point using route search.

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I want to be able to use the place library to search for my own routes in the markers displayed in the range, but I have set the start and end points, but I can't implement the transit points between well.So I'm thinking of taking the name or latitude longitude that I set for the marker that opens the infowind and setting it as a transit point.

Please tell me the name of the selected marker or how to obtain the latitude and longitude.If so, please tell me the best way.

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2022-09-30 12:01

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I don't know how it is implemented because there is no code, but

because infowindow.position can get latitude and longitude objects Would it be possible to retrieve it in infowindow.position.lat()&infowindow.position.lng()?

2022-09-30 12:01

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