I would like to display syntax errors in JSP scriptlets in Eclipse.

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How do I view JSP scriptlet compilation errors in Eclipse?
The version is Pleiades in Eclipse 4.4.
"I chose ""Full Edition of Ultimate"" from the following site."

If you misspell the variable name in the scriptlet, as shown in the code below,
My Eclipse doesn't show "error".

String sample = "test";

"Therefore, I always repeat the steps ""Screen display → error notice → correction."""
However, I think this method is inefficient.

eclipse jsp

2022-09-30 12:04

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Isn't it just that you didn't open the file in the JSP editor (such as the editor for JSP)?

Right-click the JSP file and select Open from Application > JSP Editor, but does the result remain the same?

2022-09-30 12:04

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