I want to do RPA in VBA, so please give me a hint.

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Using SendInput, SendMessage, FindWindow, etc. from Windows API user32, I am thinking of copying from Excel to several text boxes in other application software in VBA.
①Paste occurs even if the destination window is not active
②If you don't copy, you can use other apps.
I would like to attach the condition that
In the copy operation,
move between text boxes. ③Move in Tab
④Toggle tabs in Ctrl-Tab
⑤Move in list box with Ctrl+Alt+→
⑥Press and check boxes and switch radio buttons in Space
⑦Use arrow keys to toggle combo box values
⑧Move back to the window that appears by pressing the button
is required.
Can we do this?I would appreciate it if you could tell me just the keywords that give me a hint.
In particular, it is difficult to satisfy を, and even if I look for の, I can only find blank characters, and I can't find 3 simultaneous pressing information for の.

windows excel vba winapi

2022-09-30 12:05

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Make DLLs in other languages (such as c, cpp, c#) that you can easily use win32 api and call them from Excel
As much as possible, the vba side only controls roughly and communicates with Excel.
Using win32 api in vba is probably shindoi,
I think there are a lot of detailed control material for c-language systems

2022-09-30 12:05

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