About File Size Limit for JazzHub Push

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During JazzHub Push, Max object size limit is 104,857,600 bytes error and cannot be pushed.
Is there any other way to avoid this than to push it frequently?


2022-09-30 12:07

1 Answers

The IBM DevOps Service (IDS) Git mechanism has exceeded the maximum file size limit that can be pushed.

Due to the structure of Git, the original IDS, the file size is limited.GitHub is also restricted to push files larger than 50MB, warning is issued, and push is restricted to 100MB.

IDS also has a size limit of 104,857,600 bytes.I don't mind if it's a frequent push, but I think it will take time for the team development to handle sizes larger than 100MB, so I think it's better to consider reducing the file size.

2022-09-30 12:07

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