Is there a problem with temporarily caching data (JSON) that can be retrieved from the Youtube API on the server?

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I also asked you a question at the YouTube Help Forum, but you answered me to ask you a question. (Also, the official announcement on YouTube told me to ask you a question (!)) I will write the same information below.

Not for profit (including advertising revenue)
Get a list of videos posted to your channel on YouTube Data API V3 and
When I try to prepare a page with embedded videos on my site,
Going to the API every time you access it consumes units, so
There are concerns that the limit may be reached unintentionally for mischievous purposes, so
Allow the server to cache API-acquired data at regular intervals (from a few minutes to an hour) and
Is there a problem with the terms and conditions of preparing a program in the form of referencing it?

From what we've looked at, API overview
Using ETags.
You can see that ETags allow caching, but
Environments where this cannot be used (for example, if you cannot allow writing to the cache log)
The allows you to store it on a physical server.

For example, other companies may have specific services.
Foursquare API Platforms and Data Usage Policies: (See Storage)

In the Youtube API, the Terms and Conditions page is only available in English and
As long as I translated it automatically, I couldn't decide which way to go

Have you experienced similar incidents in the past? I would appreciate it if you could reply to me if there are people like this.


2022-09-30 12:07

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This is the Caching section of Terms of Use quoted in the comments.

5. Caching. Your API Client may employ session-based caching solely of YouTube API results, but You must use commercially reasonable efforts to cause Your API Client to update cached results upon any changes in video metadata. For example, if a video is removed from the YouTube service or made "private" by the video uploader, cached results shall be removed from Your cache. For the avoidance of double, Your API Client shall not be designed to cache YouTube audio content.

I didn't mention the temporary storage of metadata, but it clearly states that it follows the release status of the video, so I think you should pay attention only to that.

2022-09-30 12:07

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