Want to know what kind of redirect tool you are using

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Please let me know if anyone knows what tool you use on this official LINE occasionally.(Sorry to trouble you, but please refer to the attached image.)

<Tool Behavior>
·Short URL such as https://hoge.xyz/Vc
·Tap the shortened URL to display the attached image.
·If you follow the instructions, you will be redirected to blog sites, etc.

That's all.I look forward to your kind cooperation.Enter a description of the image here


2022-09-30 12:08

1 Answers

Javascript is used.

The screenshot shows instructions for users to interact with the WebView features of iOS, not the redirect tool features.

If you open a URL from a native app such as LINE or Twitter, but you cannot redirect it directly, you will be redirected to the blog site (in Javascript) by opening a browser such as Safari as instructed.

Also, this is a guess, but URLs like https://hoge.xyz/Vc are probably meant to track the link source, not the shortened URL.

When I went directly to the URL in the specified screenshot, sorry!under construction was displayed, and I could not confirm the behavior.
So when I searched the URL on Google, I found an accessible path.
(The URL itself is not included because the content is spam.)

Therefore, when I cURL and checked the contents, it included a similar image (/A_files/pic.png) to the screen shot and a Javascript that rewrites window.location.href depending on the terminal accessed.

2022-09-30 12:08

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