The menu bar disappeared in ubuntu 16.04

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I updated it with ubuntu 16.04, and when I stood up, the menu didn't show up. (GNOME) terminal and console can be started, I reset compiz, set DISPLAY=:, and tried everything that came out as soon as I could, but it didn't work.
Incidentally, compizconfig-settings-manager could not be apt installed.

The package compizconfig-settings-manager is not available, but is referenced by another package.
This means that the package is missing, obsolete, or available only from another source.
However, I will rewrite it to the following package.

said he, so

 sudo apt install compiz-core

Then I could install it, but I couldn't ccsm either.

Is there any other solution?


2022-09-30 12:10

1 Answers

 sudo apt-get search nvidia

Find the appropriate nvidia package in

 sudo apt-get install (package name)

Try installing it in

2022-09-30 12:10

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