Supervisord does not display the fourth task

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Nice to meet you.
I used supervision.
I wrote the program in the file /etc/supervisord.conf.

I have registered about 4 programs.
However, the fourth alphabetical order will never appear on the web console.

The web console is the one that opens with http_port.
*I don't know the official name, but is the web page with the description of (c)2006 Chris McDonough

The command does not appear to be wrong.

command=python/home/hoge/ some param
startsecs = 5
redirect_stderr = true

as shown in .

Professor, please.

It's all.

http_port=/var/tmp/supervisor.sock; (default is to run a UNIX domain socket server)
http_port =; (alternatively, ip_address:port specifications AF_INET)
; http_port=; (alternatively, ip_address:port specifications AF_INET)
;sockchmod=0700;AF_UNIX socketmode(AF_INET ignore, default0700)
;sockchown=nobody.nogroup;AF_UNIX socket uid.gidowner(AF_INETignors)
;umask=022; (process file creation umask; default022)
logfile=/var/log/supervisor/supervisor.log; (main log file; default$CWD/supervisor.log)
logfile_maxbytes = 50MB; (max main logfile bytes b4 rotation; default 50MB)
logfile_backups = 10; ( num of main logfile rotation backups; default 10 )
loglevel=info;(logging level; default info; others:debug,warn)
pidfile=/var/run/; (supervisord pidfile; default
nodaemon=false; (start in foreground if true; default false)
minfds = 1024; (min.avail startup file descriptors; default 1024)
minprocs = 200; (min.avail process descriptors; default 200)

;nocleanup=true; (don't clean up tempfiles at start; default false)
;http_username=user;(default is no username (open system))
; http_password=123; (default is no password (open system))
;childlogdir=/tmp;('AUTO'child logdir, default$TEMP)
;user=chism;(default is current user, required if root)
; directory=/tmp; (default is not to cd during start)
; environment=KEY=value;(key value pairs to add to environment)

; [unix_http_server]

serverurl=unix://var/tmp/supervisor.sock; use aunix:// URL for a unix socket
; serverurl =; use an http://url to specify aninet socket
; serverurl =; use an http://url to specify aninet socket
;username=chris; should be same as http_username if set
; password=123; should be same as http_password if set
;prompt = my supervisor; cmd line prompt (default "supervisor")

; App appname Program================================
; hoge3
command=python/home/username/work/ start3demo_appname/var/www/django/demo/appname/appname
startsecs = 5
redirect_stderr = true

; bar4
command=python/home/username/work/ start4demo_appname/var/www/django/demo/appname/appname
startsecs = 5
redirect_stderr = true

; appnametwo Program================================
; hoge
command=python/home/username/work/ start3demo_appnametwo/var/www/django/demo/appnametwo/appname
startsecs = 5
redirect_stderr = true

; bar4
command=python/home/username/work/ start4demo_appnametwo/var/www/django/demo/appnametwo/appname
startsecs = 5
redirect_stderr = true

; The below sample program section shows all possible program subsection values,
; create one or more 'real' program: sections to be able to control them under
; supervisor.

;command=/bin/cat;the program (relative uses PATH, can take args)
;priority=999;the relative start priority (default999)
; autostart=true; start at supervisor start (default:true)
;autorestart=true;retstart at unexpected quit (default:true)
; startsecs=10; number of secs program must stay running (def.10)
; startretries=3; max# of serial start failures (default3)
; exitcodes=0,2; 'expected' exit codes for process (default 0,2)
; stopsignal=QUIT; signal used to kill process (default TERM)
;stopwaitsecs=10;max numsecs to wait before SIGKILL (default10)
;user=chism;setuid to this UNIX account to run the program
;log_stdout=true; if true, log program stdout (default true)
;log_stderr=true; if true, log program stderr(def false)
;logfile=/var/log/cat.log;child log path, use NONE for none;default AUTO
; logfile_maxbytes = 1MB; max# logfile bytes b4 rotation (default 50MB)
; logfile_backups = 10; # of logfile backups (default 10)    

python supervisord

2022-09-30 13:46

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Then I set it up again to fix it.

--Questioner ShinriyoFrom your own Comments.

--Questioner ShinriyoFrom your own Comments.

2022-09-30 13:46

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