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I didn't know how to view the SourceTree tree, so I posted it with your help.

I've been fiddling with a lot of things since I'm going to use SourceTree for work, but what does the branch on the leftmost side of the tree map show?
"I thought it was a branch that was currently checked out, but the branch line was the same even after switching..."I was wondering if it was a branch with the latest commitment, but one person's blog also said "Branch with the most commitments" and I am confused.

I am not involved in direct work, but I would like to make full use of SourceTree in the future, so if you know anyone, please let me know.


2022-09-30 13:47

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"If you set ""default branch"" to ""leftmost one"", it will probably be the leftmost one."

Discussed around here (details not read)
Atlasian Answers

Any other branch can be configured to be the default branch.Saying this, it does not make sense to have master branch displayed always leftmost.

(Translation: Any branch can be the default branch. In other words, the far left is not always the master branch.)

I posted below how to set the default branch.
How to Configure the default branch

2022-09-30 13:47

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